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What to do in the StartUp Stage - Milestones, Systems and Team You Need

I would like to share my 7S Framework for building a sustainable business.


Your key milestones include:

• Clarify your business concept.
• Complete your initial market research.
• Complete DRAFT business plan.
• Complete “Pre Launch” set up for business (entity, bank accounts, etc.).
• Test market your product or service.
• Revise your business plan (Including your “Launch Plan”).
• Secured your funding (if needed).
• Launch Decision Made!

To do this effectively,
• A business plan template (You can find one here:
• Financial projections template
• Your ‘’Launch Plan’’ checklist (week-by-week timeline of to do’s for the first 90 days)

You will also need an advisory team or coach to keep you focused and on track (send me an email at if you want to be matched with a qualified MBA coach)

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