National Food and Nutrition Business Development

Hello entrepreneurs, I have an idea worth discussing with a hope to making it a reality for posterity. Think about politicians in this country they act and become united in campaign, election and governance. Enterpreneurs can do the same by selecting a sector business, create and mobilize interested key actors in particular value chain, upgrade knowledge and skills and develop grassroots national business with broad stakeholder base under the guide of SMEDAN. Picking FOOD & NUTRITION VALUE CHAIN across the country could be panacea to the prevalent food and nutrition problems we are facing as a nation; it will provide for youths engagement on mass scale, involve women in the most inclusive approach, improve nutrition enormously and most significant diversify the economy on sustainable approaches. Opportunities are unlimited....improvement of rural-urban agricultural linkages, organized school feeding, serve commercial kitchens at various levels and different status etc. Under effective coordination of food Enterpreneurs by SMEDAN on state by state basis this idea is achievable with apt National organization under one roof of vision and purpose.

What do you think mates? Please respond positively.

For further discussion and way forward to develop this concept my number is 0708 425 8454,,,
Please let us get cracking, the world wait for us not anymore. Thank you

Rabiu Auwalu Yakasai, Kano


  • Hello Rabiu, Food and nutrition is a global challenge that must be tactically and strategically addressed for optimal output. However, before we can get into the envision benefits, it's important to start from the "Basics" which is SENSITIZATION. People should be encourage to farm and be rewarded for it by helping them sell their goods, that would go a long way to generate a network that can be sustainable.
    Let me digress a bit from your idea of " effective coordination of food entrepreneurs by SMEDAN on state by state basis" but rather on a regional basis. If every region is encourage to grow and develop the foods available in those regions, it would be quit easy to monitor, control and manage the chain from a central point. The essence is to build a value chain that must be effective and sustainable.

    My thoughts:
    Chris (Abuja).

  • Hello all,

    I'm from Kaduna and my main area of interest is in dairy processing, i.e yoghurt production. I'd be glad to know of any ideas I can adopt to start and scale my yoghurt production business from sourcing of quality raw milk, to regulatory registration with NAFDAC, to marketing of the finished product and anything in between...

    Your comments, contributions and advice would be most appreciated!

  • Hello Rabiu

    Your idea on food and nutrition is a great one. It will sell.

    If food supplement is embodied in the idea. I will like to be part of it.

    I will be reached through 2347067916243.


  • Nice, trying to get into agro processing and I hope it is worth while.

  • Thanks Rabiu for initiating this discussion on Food and Nutrition Business development in Nigeria. It will be nice to use this forum to set up a hub where all those in this sector can learn and contribute. Let's keep the conversation going.

  • Assalam Rabiu we really interested in your idea for National Food and Nutrition Business, we are starting a grained flour mill in Kaduna my contact

  • Rabiu has started the conversation on Food & Nutrition value chain on this forum and in order to really drive this process there is need to create awareness and sensitize the people. I stumbled on an app of recent "farmcrowdy"and it was amazing to know that the platform promotes rural-urban agricultural linkages and investment opportunities for farmers. Let know if there are more of such that can be introduced to promote this rich and viable sector.

  • Great ideas on feeding the nation.

    It is equally important to have a central Agro-infomation centers where people intending to participate in agric value-chain businesses and end-users(buyers) can access useful info in at a very affordable rate as sachet water(pure-water).Both online and offline,via phone cell broadcast,soft-sell prints and electronic media.

    This gathering of helpful info about MSMEs activities and needs is what we package.Some of which are support on access to land,sites,finance/loans,marchines and tractors, labour,process,certification of production etc.

    We reach rural locations and urbarn places to listen,write and record very small and big business stories,develop them and showcase them to the would-be target maket for business patronage

    But on this platform I will be releasing some helpful hints.
    For further enquiries
    Write me on:

  • @Clement Folayan do you have an online platform (website, app) where people can connect? This is very important in today's world.It gives you good visibility.

  • @Clement Folayan Do you have visibility online? Such as a website or app where people can connect

  • Greetings peps. I am seriously overwhelm to find myself in this group discussing with intellectual minds on solution to world problems in terms of business development. Mallam Rabiu.i must applause ur sense of direction on the national food and nutrition business development initiative. I would like to buttress Mr Chris bassey opinion of plant and crop's Regional monitoring and enlightenment.i even av a write up On south western region agriculture

  • Can you share your write up with the group so people can benefit from?

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